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A Letter from our CEO

Whether you are an existing customer or partner (or considering becoming one), all of us here at OrecX would ceo-piclike to thank you for your support and/or interest in OrecX.

Over the past few years, OrecX has seen unprecedented growth, by upwards of 250+%. Our staff size has also increased by 300% in that same time frame.

Today, we are recognized by Inc. Magazine as the number one call recording provider on its Inc. 5000 list.

Times are exciting for all of us here at OrecX, and we are taking this forward momentum to find even more ways to help you improve your performance, increase revenue and get the utmost return on investment (ROI) from your OrecX solution.

Feedback on our 2016 industry poll of 80 business professionals, which asked the question: “Why do you record customer calls?”

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As such, we have formed some very exciting partnerships with companies around the globe to extend the value of the OrecX platform, including:

  • Optimum System Planning (Japan) – Recognized Japanese leader in open source platform development; offers OrecX/Avaya integrated solutions to Japanese businesses
  • EvolveIP (North America) – Provides cloud call center platforms integrated with BroadSoft’s VoIP communication services.
  • Foehn (United Kingdom) – Offers Asterisk-based, open source (IP telephony and contact center) solutions to small and medium sized businesses.
  • SIPHON Networks (Western Europe) – Provides unified communications solutions based on the BroadSoft VoIP platform.
  • e-contact (Chile) – A Cisco, Genesys and OrecX-certified contact center consultant and integrator.

We chose to align ourselves with these (and other) technology partners because we all share some of the very same guiding principles, such as:

  1. Price should never be an inhibiting factor
  2. Implementation should not impede regular business activity
  3. Openness is paramount in order to leverage existing/other systems
  4. Businesses of all sizes deserve the same enterprise-class solutions as the Fortune 500

At OrecX, we are also driven by agility and independence from bureaucracy and red tape. We believe in getting things done as soon as possible, without sacrificing even the smallest amount of quality or craftsmanship. We pride ourselves on providing true world-class service and support.

We wrote this letter to give you an inside look at what makes us OrecX. We are more than a company of technical professionals. We strive in fact, to be your partner in business excellence, and we are working hard each and every day to address your needs and serve as a springboard to help you achieve your business objectives.

Please be on the lookout for more exciting things from OrecX. We have only just begun.

Thanks for listening!






Steve Kaiser