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Oreka TR (Total Recording) provides Metaswitch business VoIP/communications service providers with a highly affordable (half the price of proprietary solutions), open, maintenance-free call recording solution they can resell to their customers. This allows Metaswitch service providers to reach into new markets, expand their solutions portfolio and create a new revenue stream.

OrecX Metaswitch supports both SIPREC and port mirroring architectures.

Metaswitch – OrecX SIPREC:


  • IETF standard
  • Extension to SIP
  • Gaining popularity very quickly
  • OrecX supports Metaswitch SIPREC with initial release
  • Only recordable subscriber traffic is sent to recorder
  • Richer metadata (user and group auto-provisioning)
  • More reliable (could detect and report if the recorder is down)
  • Can be fully virtualized
  • 300 concurrent calls on a basic quad-core server (no load balancer required)
  • Scalable (N*quad-core per N*300 concurrent calls)
Metaswitch – OrecX SIPREC (Active Recording)











Metaswitch – OrecX SIPREC (Active Recording) with High Availability









Metaswitch – OrecX Basic Set-up

diagram-meta-basic 1




Reasons service providers choose OrecX for call recording:

  • Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) – OrecX passively monitors the network traffic, reducing hardware deployment and management overhead.
  • Higher ARPU – OrecX is a low-cost, high recurring revenue product for the service providers when sold to customer as a value added service.
  • Regulatory Compliance – OrecX provides service providers with the tools to comply with existing and developing regulations.
  • Extend Portfolios – allows service providers to extend their portfolio into new vertical markets.
  • Fault-tolerant – can be implemented in a resilient/redundant configuration.
  • Flexible, Global Platform – OrecX is available globally on a flexible, scalable platform providing service providers worldwide with new product offerings.
  • Minimal Network Disruption or Changes – Due to the extensible OrecX platform, the service acts as a module of the VoIP switch. Re-routing of traffic through recording servers requires a minimal amount of software configuration.
  • Minimal Customer Turn-Up Time – New tenants are easily managed through the service provider administration interface.