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Key Design Benefits

Operating system, hardware and database agnostic – customer in full control of the system

Open data model – ancillary features and processes along with enhanced meta data for pre and post call processing

Open API – tool to customize application within the existing application framework or outside the application framework – i.e. the software can be controlled by third party applications

Open file formats – customizable formats to match desired use case(s); data portability within and without the framework of the customer data management system(s); leverage third party applications in WFO and Analytics for ‘best in class’ for customer requirement

Multiple protocol support – standards based (IETF and ITU) and proprietary protocol support enhances usability across heterogeneous operating environments and removes threat of obsolescence

Open web interface – support for all browsers, including mobile platforms, and internationalization

Modular components – removes complexity and costs associated with bundled applications

Reliable/available support – standards software frees up available staff within and outside of the organization to support software

Development – standards software increases ability to customize software, and it reduces development cycles

Scaling – standards adherence increases scalability and scalability options

Licensing model – flexible licensing model based on concurrent usage