Optimize your speech analytics and voice biometrics with streaming stereo audio capture and enhanced metadata
  • Leverage any 3rd party analytics solution
  • Augment your existing recording solution
  • Gain enhanced audio quality, media/metadata access

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What others are saying

We were looking for a more powerful call recording software application, with an extensive API to work with. OrecX brings more value to our solutions portfolio and enables us to offer a PCI compliant call recording application, with an open API, to better suit our customers’ needs.

James Passingham Founder and Technical Director, Foehn
It was simple to download and implement Oreka TR’s call recorder application. During the pilot, OrecX was responsive to our requests for enhanced functionality and were able to develop these features before the pilot was completed.

Eric Rempel Chief Information Officer, Transportation Solutions Group
OrecX’s decision to license its recording software under the GNU GPL is just what customers like InterMedi@ need. To succeed with demanding technologies such as call recording VoIP, customers and vendors need the flexible cooperation terms that open source provides.

Don Marti Site Editor, LinuxWorld.com

The capabilities of the Oreka TR open source recording solution allowed us to take on work for which we would otherwise not been able. The enhanced monitoring features and the integration to our performance analytics tool increased our call quality and gave us additional capacity to pursue new clients.

Vance Dailey VP, Information Technology, Intermedi@ Marketing Solutions
We consider the OrecX VoIP call recording software to be a critical component of our portfolio moving forward. It gives us a much more compelling and comprehensive solution to offer our clients. We feel confident that we now have the robust portfolio we need to further grow our client base significantly.

Mary Miller Director of Marketing, Nextiva
The traditional call recording software systems we looked at were proprietary with limited integration flexibility. With Oreka TR, we implemented the whole stack without any proprietary part. We got support from OrecX and we also made a few in-house changes to the system that would not have been possible with a traditional solution.

Matt Roth Project Lead, Intermedi@ Marketing Solutions

The Oreka TR VoIP call recording application has enhanced our call center operation by giving us easy- to-use performance management tools that improve the customer/agent interaction and overall profitability of our operations.

Todd Berger VP Call Center, Transportation Solutions Group
We installed the call recording software in under an hour and have been more satisfied with OrecX than any vendor we have EVER worked with!

Joseph Coll Operations/Collections Manager, Bruck Law Offices
We recommend OrecX, which is a passive VoIP recording product. We have several clients that use it and it allows for many other options like agent screen recording too. The basic recording core of OrecX is free while the interfaces to interact with it are not free.

Matt Florell President, Vicidial Group

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